Visiting the elephants is a multi-sensory experience thanks to our collaboration with the sustainable Italian perfumer, Xerjoff and their Spray To Help project. As you wander the herds enjoy the aromas that surround wild elephants deep within Indian jungles.

Their Alexandria II, Ivory Route and Accento Overdose perfumes are carried by the respective herds of St James’s Park, Green Park and Berkeley Square. The perfumes have been created with care from natural ingredients including lavender, rosewood, and cinnamon; fresh spices, Indian sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli; andjasmine sambac, roses and lily of the valley.

The Spray to Help mission promotes significant improvements in the way the world addresses territory and community.

We are delighted to support the CoExistence campaign and raise awareness of an incredibly important topic. As a brand we take so much inspiration from the wonders of nature and it is vital that we work to protect the wildlife and ecosystems within it so we can coexist together.

— Sergio Momo, Founder and Creative Manager of Xerjoff

Xerjoff is an internationally leading luxury Italian perfume brand which was founded in 2007. Our brand portfolio is the result of Italian creativity, aesthetically combining outstanding design with modern craftsmanship techniques. The top-quality natural olfactory dimension is matched by the creation of artistic, deluxe limited edition glassware which has been introduced to over 100 markets worldwide. 

Since 2019 under the direction of the co-founder Sergio Momo, Xerjoff has collaborated with a number of projects aiming to introduce the sense of smell to causes connected to the protection of the natural world. The Xerjoff Group is proud to be collaborating with Elephant Family on their campaign ‘CoExistence’ for the most important international event of the year right in the centre of London.  

Elephant Family’s passion and ethical views on the preservation of and coexistence with the world’s last remaining wild animals are values which the Xerjoff Group strongly stands for.