Natural World Heroes

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When it comes to saving the natural world, not all heroes wear capes. Across the planet there are some truly special people on a mission to create landscapes that enable coexistence between people and wildlife. These are some of our favourites:


Lion Guardians

African herdsmen have coexisted with lions and other wildlife for hundreds of years; this situation is changing radically. Recently, increasing demands of a growing human population has led to elevated levels of lion killing. But through a winning combination of conflict mitigation, science and research and knowledge sharing, Lion Guardians are transforming lion-killers into lion protectors.


Space for Giants

As Africa’s population increases, farmers are expanding their fields into what was wildlife territory, bringing elephants ever closer to crops they love to feed on. Space for Giants’ pioneering ‘short-post’ fence designs along with scientific research and monitoring of elephant behaviour are making it easier for people to coexist with wildlife, meaning that wild creatures are no longer the enemies of the people who can protect them best.


The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Great stress is placed on resources shared between people, livestock and wild animals in the Tsavo region owing to an increase in population size. By funding a number of innovative initiatives, The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust provides support to local communities to help counteract human-wildlife conflict and encourage a healthy and sustainable coexistence between communities and wildlife.