The Natural World Heroes

Sponsored by Chantecaille

Elephants tread lightly yet are giants of the natural world. The members of the Natural World Heroes herd take their names from some of nature’s greatest heroes. HRH The Prince of Wales, Sir David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and Sylvia Earle plus our favourite unsung heroes who you may need to google to discover.

When it comes to saving the natural world, not all heroes wear capes. Across the planet there are some truly special people on a mission to create landscapes that enable coexistence between people and wildlife. These are some of our favourites:

Lion Guardians

Although African herdsmen have coexisted with lions and other wildlife for hundreds of years, the demands of a growing human population have recently led to elevated levels of lion killing. But through an innovative combination of conflict mitigation, science, and participatory conservation, Lion Guardians has helped reduce lion killing in their area by more than 90%.

Space for Giants

As Africa’s human population increases and wildlife habitats shrink, competing needs of people and elephants are bringing them into ever closer contact, threatening both community livelihoods and the landscapes the wildlife depend on. Over the last decade, Space for Giants has pioneered an evidence-based approach that addresses the challenges and makes it easier for local communities and wildlife to coexist. By focusing on sustainable solutions that are beneficial to both people and wildlife, these critical landscapes will be preserved long term.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Africa’s elephants are struggling to find their place in a shrinking natural world. For more than four decades, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has led pioneering efforts to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned elephants and protect their wild kin. Focused on the threats that leave orphans behind, from poaching to habitat loss to human-wildlife conflict, the Sheldrick Trust takes a field-level approach to conservation, working closely with local communities and partners to ensure a sustainable future for wildlife and the people who live alongside them.

The Natural World Heroes Herd is sponsored by Chantecaille: Our beauty gives back.