The Highway Hathis

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How did the elephant cross the road? This is our story CoExistence Story.

In case you were wondering, ‘Hathi’ is an Indian word for elephant so our herd is known as the Highway Hathis. We are constantly on the move to find the next place to feed, but to do this, our elephant family must cross busy roads and railways, dodging traffic as we go. We are gentle giants but in spite of our huge size, there are often serious accidents on India’s highways, especially at night when it’s dark and we are hard to spot.

A great man called Sanjay Gubbi has become a friend to the elephants and to all animals needing to cross busy roads in the Western Ghats, Southern India. Thanks to him the cars travel more slowly and some roads are even closed at night. Everyone feels safer. The Highway Hathis salute you Sanjay!

Closing busy highways

Elephant Family works in partnership with Dr. Sanjay Gubbi who ensured the Mysore-Mananthvadi highway was decommissioned and traffic rerouted outside of elephant and tiger habitat in Southern India. The world needs a thousand more Sanjay Gubbis.

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