The Crop Raiders

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Farmers who feed not fight nature: This is our CoExistence Story

We can’t blame you for staring, you probably recognise us from Sir David Attenborough’s film ‘The Year Earth Changed’. We’re there, telling our story which has a happy ending so you might want to keep reading. In short, we’re massive and need to eat around 150 kg of food every day. This is not easy when your forest home keeps shrinking.  In desperation, we used to make night-time emergency raids on farmer’s crops where we live in Assam, Northeast India. Every crop raid was stressful as villagers tried to chase us away with firecrackers. It was always a huge mess with elephants and people everywhere, trampled crops, hurt villagers and even calves left behind in the madness. 

That was, until something remarkable happened. A man they call Dulu came to the edge of our forest with many people from the village. To our amazement they planted rice and other favourite foods of ours. Today we don’t need to raid crops and there is peace between our herd and the villagers.

Improving human-elephant relationships

Elephant Family works in partnership with Dulu, a resolute defender of Assam’s wilds, who has turned conflict with farmers into peaceful coexistence.

The Crop Raiders Herd is sponsored by LOVE BRAND & Co.: the men’s beachwear brand dedicated to protecting endangered species, is proud to be supporting CoExistence.