We are honoured to have the support of so many wonderful partners and sponsors.

Xerjoff shares Elephant Family's passion and ethical views on the preservation of and coexistence with the world’s last remaining wild animals.

proudly providing fine art transportation and installation services for CoExistence.

Biltema Foundation was established with the aim to contribute to a better world by supporting projects in research, healthcare and education as well as being ready to provide support during major disasters around the world.

Sladmore Contemporary has its origins in a private collection of bronze animal sculpture. Over the last fifty years the gallery has worked with conservation bodies to ensure that the artists can translate the beauty of our animal companions. CoExistence echoes the ethos of the Sladmore - for all species to survive, we must walk alongside each other.

After over a decade of working with Elephant Family, HOUSE of WARIS Botanicals is thrilled to bring you UK's first Certified Elephant Friendly™ Tea, part of a movement that protects India’s wild elephants, the indigenous communities living alongside them, and the workers that grow your tea. An additional £1 from your purchase will go to support their urgent work. Organic. Fair trade. Biodynamic. Elephant Friendly™. Why drink any other tea?

The herd of elephants in Richmond and Covent Garden are a symbol of the long-standing relationship between Petersham Nurseries and Elephant Family. From Thursday 20th May, The Petersham, Covent Garden will be serving an Elephant Family inspired afternoon tea to raise funds for this vital cause.

Savills Corporate Social Responsibility strategy provides a valuable framework to improve the way we work, and our offices are actively involved in supporting local communities. Savills is proud to support Elephant Family and its mission to work with indigenous communities in conserving Asia’s wildlife and enable successful coexistence between all living things.

Environmental protection has always been an integral part of Truefitt & Hill’s ethos; therefore, we are proud and very excited to support Elephant Family and their CoExistence campaign to help save Asian wildlife from extinction. Our considerable 215 years of tradition and heritage inspires us to always look ahead and shape a better world for the generations to come.

Our forests in the UK are under threat from destruction and disease. Sponsors of CoExistence, Nyetimber, creators of world-renowned English Sparkling Wine, have launched an initiative with the South Downs National Park Trust to support regrowth of UK tree species by planting one tree for each limited-edition bottle sold of their Classic Cuvee.

We are thrilled to be beginning our journey with Elephant Family. Camp Kerala and Elephant Family both hold Family and Future deep in their hearts. Our joint ideologies are to produce harmony and bring joy. May this be a long, innovative and transformational path that lies ahead of us all.

WildEast is about the ‘normalisation of nature’ it’s about co-existence and compromise. Nature coexisting in the areas were we live and work. If Indian farmers can find ways to allow elephants safe passage across their farms and Indian towns and cities integrate cars people & domestic animals in their streets – so can, and so must, we.

Headed up by one of the conservation movement’s greatest supporters, Sylvie Chantecaille, this global botanical skincare and cosmetics company have been funding conservationists around the world to turn wildlife conflict into peaceful CoExistence.

LOVE BRAND & Co., the men's beachwear brand dedicated to protecting endangered species, is proud to be supporting CoExistence.

The Athenaeum is the hotel partner to CoExistence, providing modern, luxurious office space.

CoExistence is working with specialists Julie's Bicycle to ascertain the carbon footprint of our exhibition and what we can do to mitigate any impacts.

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Each of our herds tells a story of how wild elephants are living in increasingly human-dominated landscapes.