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The elephants are undertaking the greatest migration attempted – an astonishing 13,000 mile journey from India, to the UK, and later, journey from the East to West Coast of the USA.

All of this is made possible by the heroic support of IBI International Logistics fine art division.



The CoExistence Elephant herd arrives at Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, for the start of their migration exhibition in the castle grounds. - 29 March 2021 Picture by Andrew Higgins/Thousand Word Media NO SALES, NO SYNDICATION. Contact for more information mob: 07775556610 web: www.thousandwordmedia.com email: antony@thousandwordmedia.com The photographic copyright (©2021) is exclusively retained by the works creator at all times and sales, syndication or offering the work for future publication to a third party without the photographer's knowledge or agreement is in breach of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, (Part 1, Section 4, 2b). Please contact the photographer should you have any questions with regard to the use of the attached work and any rights involved.

IBI International Logistics are specialists in the international and domestic movement of high value commodities, including fine art and precious metals.

IBI’s origins date back to 1966, when the business was established in New York to support the armoured movement of high value commodities. Since then, they have expanded their operations beyond the United States, to now include Canada, Mexico and more recently the United Kingdom. As the business has developed, IBI have expanded their service to include diamonds & jewellery and most recently fine art.

IBI International Logistics is a bespoke, family owned business, bringing forward a fresh, highly efficient, and integrated approach to global fine art logistics. IBI International Logistics harness our Group’s far-reaching network and highly skilled team of specialists. We are the trusted partner for renowned institutions, known for our bespoke logistics solutions that reflect the complex demands of the art world, without compromising on supreme privacy and industry-leading standards. Our international clientele span museums, galleries, private collectors, auctioneers, and art fairs amongst others.

IBI International Logistics fine art division is run by Benjamin Duckworth and Johann Bournot, who apply their breadth of knowledge to varied objects and projects from personally owned, prized masterpieces to expansive institutional collections. Benjamin, formerly of Sotheby’s operations team in both New York and London, brings with him the technical knowledge and skills to make sure that every project is executed precisely. Benjamin has a history of working with many of the most prominent international galleries and museums to support their transportation and installation requirements, consulted for his expertise by galleries.


In early 2020 Johann joined the team, formerly a Registrar at White Cube and a highly accomplished fine art logistics specialist. Johann has further developed the breadth of the business, connecting it to large scale projects and engaging with many internationally renowned blue chip galleries. Benjamin comments that “the growth and expansion of the fine art division at IBI International Logistics is due to the highly personable and bespoke service that our team provides. This service really resonates with all of our clients and throughout the industry as a whole, ensuring clients piece of mind that their projects or shipments are handled with maximum attention to care.”

In an industry traditionally poor at managing climate change initiatives and wastage of materials, IBI International Logistics are keen to put their stamp. They already offer large scale consolidated shipments by both air and sea freight to try to reduce their carbon footprint. Benjamin says “The relationship with CoExistence at this time, resonates more importantly than ever within our business and we hope in part that we can do our bit to affect this change. We are thrilled to support the team at CoExistence to bring not only this show to fruition, but also morally to do our best for the environments we all inhabit. On the backdrop of this, we are delighted to soon be launching our bespoke fully recyclable packaging solution, to contribute to our goal to minimise waste going to landfill.”