Your very own elephant

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100% of sale proceeds benefit the work of Elephant Family.

The sculptures come in four main sizes.

Each sculpture is unique, exact dimensions will vary.


Average Size: 4x5x2ft
Average Weight: 100kg
Everybody loves a baby elephant and all of the calfs in the exhibition have now sold. But the good news is that you can commission your favourite baby elephant and we will have it made for you especially.


Average Size: 6x10x3ft
Average Weight: 250kg £12,500


Average Size: 7.5x12x4ft
Average Weight: 300kg Price: £22,000


Average Size: 9x15x15ft
Average Weight: 350kg Price: £30,000

“In 1988, on a visit to India, something happened that was to change my brother’s life.  Mark arrived in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa in Eastern India, and rescued a beautiful female elephant from a life of begging and misery.  Her name was Tara.  They embarked on a thousand-mile journey across the North of India (which he recalls in his best-selling book, “Travels on my Elephant”) and by its finale he was in love.  This was the start of his life-long passion for India and his quest for the survival of the Indian Elephant…”

— HRH The Duchess of Cornwall