Adopt an Elephant

Be part of the story and celebrate this global migration. As the herd takes over London, show your support for CoExistence by adopting an elephant whilst it resides in the Royal Parks or Berkeley Square. Enamored by a calf or perhaps one of the large Tuskers, there are four different adoption options available. Each adoptee will have the opportunity to dedicate their contribution and create a sign that will be situated with the herd during their time in the park.

In addition, you will receive information about the elephant you’ve adopted, including their name and story. Although we encourage you to slowly work your way around the entire herd, taking it all in and feeling a moment of empathy for these magical creatures, you will also receive a map so that you can beeline directly to your adopted elephant.

Your support will go towards projects made possible by CoExistence, which include; securement of wildlife corridors to enable safe movement of animals and people, grassroots projects to improve human-wildlife interactions, as well as the protection of vital tribal knowledge and livelihoods.


Adopt a calf Price: £1,000


Adopt an Adolescent Price: £2,000


Adopt a Matriarch Price: £3,000


Adopt a Tusker Price: £5,000


Once you have pledged your support, the CoExistence team will contact you with more information about the specific elephant that you have adopted.

If you make your pledge by 10th June 2021 your sign will be ready for our launch date of 14th June 2021. If you make a pledge after this date, we will let you know when your sign will be available in the park.